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Standards of Excellence

Our Vetted Vendors Each Meet These Criteria



Approved marketing entities must be Christian-based and committed to operating in a manner consistent with Biblical principles and core values of integrity, unity, transparency, excellence, and innovation. The organization must speak with respect to other members, and if there is a grievance, the organization must take it first before the other member and then before the group. Lawsuits among members may result in a permanent bar.



Pro-life marketing entities seeking Council approval must demonstrate a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for their clients. This includes a strong public reputation for delivering high-quality services, as well as a demonstrated ability to achieve measurable outcomes that align with our shared values and principles.



Approved pro-life marketing entities must demonstrate a commitment to serving their client's best interests and avoiding any practices that could be deemed exploitative or unethical. This includes a commitment to pricing services fairly and transparently without engaging in price gouging or overcharging for services that are not needed. In addition, approved entities must not collect payments for work that have not been provided or engage in any other practices that could be considered deceptive or exploitative.



Approved pro-life marketing entities must have a proven track record of integrity and outstanding business practices. Entities that have received verified complaints of intentionally deceptive practices, abuse, fraud, neglect, or intentional harm within the past two years will not be considered for approval. Approved members must provide proof of work and agree to clearly identify services that are retainers or monitoring services instead of active work.

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