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The Importance of Ethical Conversion Tracking for Pregnancy Centers

If you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency, you’ve likely heard the terms impressions and conversions on reporting calls. Your marketing partner may review the numbers, but have they ever explained what those numbers mean for your pregnancy center? 

In today’s article, we’re exploring the importance of conversions, ethical conversion tracking, and monthly reporting calls with your marketing partner. Keep reading to learn more! 

Impressions vs. Conversions: What’s the Difference? 

The term “impression” refers to the number of views a piece of content (such as a digital ad or webpage) receives in search results. While impressions can provide basic insight, they aren’t the be-all and end-all of online performance. For example, many impressions can be duplicates or interactions from bots, skewing the data.

A conversion, on the other hand, is much more meaningful and concrete. It’s the moment when a visitor takes an action on your website, such as scheduling an appointment or calling your center. Conversions are the strongest indication of how well your center performs online. 

It’s your marketing partner’s responsibility to understand what turns a website visitor into a patient at your center and optimize your website to increase conversions each month. They should also practice ethical conversion tracking to map connections between their efforts and the number of conversions your center receives.

What is Ethical Conversion Tracking?

Ethical conversion tracking involves tracking leads such as calls, texts, form submissions, and appointments made at your center. These leads come in through your website and digital ad campaigns. Your marketing partner should be focusing on solid leads like the ones listed above, rather than vanity metrics such as impressions or page views. 

Numbers don’t lie. You can only know how successful your online presence is when you track and review the data. That’s why your marketing partners should be meeting with you to discuss your monthly performance.

The Importance of Monthly Reporting 

Monthly reporting calls should include more than just graphs, charts, and numbers. Your marketing partner should be explaining:

  • How your website ranked in search results

  • How your Google and social media ad campaigns performed

  • Any connections between the services they provide and an increase in website traffic and appointments made

  • How they plan to optimize your website and ad campaigns going forward

Your monthly reporting call is also a great time to ask questions! Whether there’s a marketing term you don’t understand or you want more insight into what will enhance your web presence, you should always feel empowered to ask questions. All of this information will help you keep your finger on the pulse of what you’re paying for and bring more abortion-minded women to your center! 

Ethical Marketing for Pro-Life Organizations 

At PLMEC, we believe every pregnancy center and pro-life organization deserves an honest, transparent, and ethical marketing partner. Each of our members is grounded in biblical principles and backed by pro-life research. They deliver data-driven results that will help you reach more abortion-minded women! 

Is your marketing partner a member of PLMEC? Ask them to apply!

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